Smart Receipts

Smart receipts allow you, the developer, to add information to the bottom of Clover’s paper and web receipts for the customer. It is an easy way to encourage customer interaction and add extra value to the receipt. To set up smart receipts, we provide two fields when editing your application on the Developer Dashboard.

Smart Receipt Text

This is the text that shows up on the paper receipts.

Smart Receipt URL

This is the URL that is provided to customers on paper and web receipts. Normally, you would use this URL to direct customers to your third party website.

What you provide is the base URL for the smart receipt. When used in the receipts, we append the following parameters to the base URL:

  • m – merchant ID
  • o – order ID
  • p – payment ID
  • c – receipt context (p = paper receipt, i = iframe in web receipt)

Paper Receipts


Your application’s name is printed first in all capital letters followed by a divider. If you provided a URL, it will be encoded into a QR code and printed on the left side of the smart receipt text.

The URL for the QR code is:


Web Receipts

Your application’s name is displayed after the receipt’s details. Below it,¬†an iframe of the Smart Receipt URL will be shown.

The URL for the iframe is: