Modules are categories of functionality on the Clover platform. Developers currently add meta-data around their apps’ functionality through our modules framework. Clover collects this information to help pair merchants’ platform feature availability with the platform features utilized by developers. This helps Clover target apps to the right sets of merchants. Depending on which software plan a merchant is on, they will have access to some subset of these modules.

For example, an app that works with Orders will be fairly useless to merchants that don’t have Order handling capabilities within our platform.

For your app to reach as many merchants as possible, you, as a developer, should select only those modules that apply to your app.

Merchant Plans

There are three service plans that a merchant can sign up for:

Payments Plus Register Lite NEW Register
Entry level Clover software plan providing cloud backup and real-time, remote monitoring Cash register replacement with simple inventory and order management Complete POS experience with enhanced inventory and order management
Hardware and Value Add Services
Clover Mini, Flex, Mobile, + Clover apps that do not require order or item level data Clover Mini, Flex, Mobile, tethered Mini to Mini, + Clover apps that integrate with order and item level data Clover Station with tethered-Mini, Mobile or Flex, Mini, kitchen printer, weight scales + Clover apps that integrate with order and item level data

Each plan will have access to different sets of modules:

Clover Service Plans

Payments Plus
(formerly Terminal)
Register Lite NEW Register
Availability US, EU US, EU US, EU
Payments – accepts all forms
Employee Management
Customer Engagement
Inventory Management Basic

Simple items

Stock tracking

Items with modifiers and variants

Track cost
Order Management Basic

Create, save, and refund orders

Item categories

Order types

Combine multiple orders
Additional Features Open tabs

Discount-based rewards

Limited access to Clover App Market
All additional features for Payments Plus, plus…

Connect to customer facing display (tethered)

Item level discounts

Item level tax calculations

Item level rewards

Access to Clover App Market
All additional features for Payments Plus and Register Lite, plus…

Remote order (kitchen) printing Kitchen order display

Support for larger 11.6” touch screen

Weight scale support

Full access to Clover App Market

Module Selection

What modules does your app need in order to function? If your app applies discounts to orders based on what items are added, you would require Orders, Items and Discounts. Your app would be available to Register Lite merchants, Classic merchants, and Register merchants, but not Payments Plus merchants.

To get a better understanding of specific features available to merchants in each plan, review the following table:


Lower level plans like Payments Plus reach the most merchants but support only basic features, while higher level plans like Register specific plans allows for richer functionality but reduces the number of merchants reached. We recommend the developer select only those modules that apply to your app.

Modules Payments Plus Register Lite Register
Tax Rates
Customer Preferences
& Promotions
Order Types
Order Printers
Item Modifiers
Service Charges
Combine & Assign Orders
Automatic Discounts
Weight Per-Unit Items
Item Variants
Table Management
Item Exchanges
Bar Tab Management
Restaurant Shift Management

Register Lite now assumes many of the included modules that were previously only available to the Register feature set. The Register plan is now a bit more granular on specific use-cases and specific modules for printers and modifiers.

What happens with existing apps? No changes are required. Payments Plus apps will remain available to all and Register apps will be available to both Register Lite and Register plan merchants.