Merchant interaction

Clover web apps are built using the Clover REST API and hosted by the developer. Merchants install approved web apps from the Clover App Market. Once a merchant installs an app, they can access it from any web browser (including those on Clover devices) through Clover’s Home app. The Home app is also known as the Web Dashboard.

The Clover Home app (Web Dashboard).


Clover redirects merchants to the Site URL you specified in the Developer Dashboard whenever they:

As part of this process, Clover will append certain URL parameters. These include the merchant_id for the business and employee_id for the current user. To view a full list of query parameters Clover includes in these redirects, see the OAuth 2.0 page.

We recommend that you use the merchant_id and employee_id to determine if the merchant has ever used your app before and provide a friendly setup experience. Recall that themerchant_id refers to the merchant business account. The individual user (e.g., the merchant, manager, or employee) is identified by the employee_id parameter. See the FAQ for more information on the merchant_id.

Authenticating merchants and users

If users go directly to your web app (rather than launching it from the Clover Home app), you will need to redirect them to Clover in order to authenticate them. See the OAuth 2.0 page for more information.