Merchant ID and API Token for Development

The following is a step by step guide to finding your Merchant ID and creating an API Token to use while testing with our REST API and during development with Android.


These instructions are for development and testing only. A production app must generate tokens via OAuth or the Android SDK.

Get your test merchant’s UUID (mId)

Step 1. Login

Log in into

Sandbox Login Screen

Step 2. Getting into merchant account

Click on the top right to get the drop down to select your merchant.

Menu Bar

Click on your merchant and you will switch to your merchant account.

Menu Bar Dropdown

You should now see the merchant dashboard.
Merchant Dashboard

Note the URL in your browser window,the last part of that URL will be your Merchant ID, a thirteen character sequence of numbers and letters.

For example, given the following url:
The merchant UUID would be the 17ABN94ZVQVTT at the end.


Create an Test API Token


Production apps must generate API tokens using OAuth or the Clover Android SDK. Merchant API tokens are intended for development and testing only. In production environments, Merchant API tokens have additional restrictions and are more severely rate limited.

Step 1. Setup

From the Merchant Dashboard click Setup.
Setup Button Highlight

Step 2. Navigate to API Tokens

Click on API Tokens in the menu list on the left.API Token Link Highlight

This is where you will generate your API Tokens. API Token Screen


Step 3. Generate API Token

Type in a name and click generate token.

Token Name Generate Button
An API Token will be generated for you to use.

API Token

Step 4. Customize Permissions

You can customize what permissions the API Token grants by checking the appropriate boxes. 

API Token Permissions

Learn more about using your secure token to access the REST API