Create Your Remote App ID

Semi-integrated applications use a Remote App ID (remoteApplicationID). This is separate from the App ID. The Remote App ID allows Clover to expedite support requests for your semi-integrated solutions, and enables logging of payments made through your app. Your POS must pass this ID in when creating an ICloverConnector, and with every call it makes to the Clover device. Clover checks and verifies the Remote App ID for each call, then uses it to log certain operations. You can create your Remote App ID in the Developer Dashboard when you create your Clover App.

  1. Log into the Developer Dashboard.
  2. Click the green Create New App button and enter information about your app.
    The green Create New App button in the developer dashboard.
  3. Go to your app’s Settings page.
  4. Click Semi-Integrated App.
  5. Enter an ID in the Enter an Application ID field. It should be representative of your application, and should not contain any versioning information. You may wish to follow the following common naming convention, which uses reverse domain name notation with the application name as the most specific label:

A sample remote app id - com.yourcompany.yourdivision.applications.yourapplication

Note that your Remote App ID is subject to approval by the Clover application team in order to ensure uniqueness and clarity.

Clover will automatically generate the Equipment Code and Equipment Name. You can leave these fields blank.