How do I notify a merchant of important changes?

You can notify your Android app running on the Clover devices via App Notifications. Once your app launches you can show a notification in the Android notification area, launch a Clover app via Intents and Broadcasts, or launch your own Activity.

How do I use the Web API to pay for an order?

GET to /v2/merchant/{mId}/pay/key To get the encryption information you’ll need for the pay endpoint. Encrypt the card information Prepend the card number with the prefix fromGET /v2/merchant/{mId}/pay/key. Generate an RSA public key using the modulus and exponent provided byGET /v2/merchant/{mId}/pay/key. Encrypt the card number and prefix from step 1 with the public key. Base64 encode […]

How do I use the Web API (V3 REST API) to create an order?

POST to /v3/merchants/{mId}/orders/ to create the top level order object. The payload should include state set to open {“state”: “open”}. Otherwise it will not show up in your orders. POST to /v3/merchants/{mId}/orders/{orderId}/line_items to create each line item in the order (i.e. each item the customer bought). The payload only needs to include the item id.{“item”: […]

How can my app differentiate between owners, managers, and employees?

If your app has the EMPLOYEE_R permission, then you can fetch information about the current user via a GET to /v3/merchants/{mId}/employees/{employeeId}?expand=roles. This will give you information about the role of the current user. If your app has the MERCHANT_R permission, then you can fetch the information about the owner via a GET to /v3/merchants/{mId}?expand=owner.

How can my app differentiate between real merchants and test merchants?

If you have a paid app, you may want to know whether you can bill a given merchant. For example, test merchant accounts used by developers and sales people are not billable, so you will not get paid for apps installed to these types of accounts. GET to /v3/merchants/{mId} to get merchant info, including an isBillable property.

When do I use an OAuth API token, a merchant API token, and my App Secret?

A developer can use a merchant API token to quickly get started and explore our REST API without having to build an app that fully integrates with our OAuth flow. Merchant API tokens should be used only for testing and development. There are significant limitations that make these tokens only appropriate for testing such as […]

What is the merchantID? How does it relate to the employeeID?

The merchant ID is an ID assigned by Clover to the business. A business may have multiple devices and employees. The owner of the business (along with managers and employees) each have an employeeID associated with their account. When looking at the OAuth Response keep in mind that you can see who the current user […]