Clover API Updates - August 2021

Clover made the following API updates for August 2021.


We've added new properties to make it easier to manage the state of a merchant's inventory. The available boolean has been added to both Item and Modifier. This property can be used to indicate whether the item or modifier is currently purchasable. The autoManage property on an Item allows you to let Clover automatically make an item unavailable for purchase when its stock count reaches zero.


A new layout for the API reference is now live! The new design loads faster and shows one endpoint at a time so you can concentrate on the task at hand. Code samples are available for more languages and frameworks, and you can continue testing Clover APIs in your browser.


Updated API reference

Authorization changes

We've updated the authorization method used in the API reference docs to HTTP header auth. This change makes it easier for you to correctly authorize test API calls as support for URL authorization is now deprecated.



Beginning in February 2022, Clover will no longer allow apps to send auth tokens in URLs. Instead, API tokens will need to be included in the Authorization header.

For more information, see Using API tokens.