What's New with the 5 April 2015 Release

The big news this week is the announcement of Clover Mini (in addition to Clover Mobile) joining the Clover device family.

Be sure to check out the specifications for the new devices in our docs and on our hardware pages.

Dashboard & App Updates

  • Refunds processed through the Manual Transactions app or the Refunds app were previously called 'Credits'. In order to avoid confusion for merchants, these refunds are now referred to as 'Manual Refunds' in all merchant-facing language.

Note that no changes have been made to the internal data representation of manual refunds, so this change should have no impact on third party apps in terms of integration with the Clover platform. Manual refunds will still be identified as credits internally through our REST API and Android SDK.We do recommend that third party apps dealing with manual refunds make sure to refer to them as such, in order to provide a more consistent and intuitive user experience to subscribing merchants.

  • Due to the enhanced security offered by the Clover Mobile and Clover Mini devices, it is now necessary for Clover to add an additional secure signature to uploaded APKs before they can be published. This means that the APK approval process now includes one additional stage "Pending signing".

No additional action is required from developers, but be aware that secure signing is a manual process which can take some time, and take this into account for your launch schedule.

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