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What's New with the 3 February 2015 Release

Time for another round of the latest from the Clover team. Leading the charge in this week's release are several new dashboard updates aimed at helping your app to look its best in the App Market. Some of you Android developers will be excited to hear we have also increased the APK upload size limit from 10MB to 32MB.As always, be sure to take a look at the Latest Releases Feed to catch up on all of the merchant-facing changes.

API Updates:

  • The taxRates field is now expandable for the v3/merchants/{mID} endpoint

  • The APK size limit for uploading Clover apps has been increased to 32MB

  • The Clover SDK inventoryContract now exposes Item.MODIFIED_TIME

Dashboard Updates:

  • Subscriptions will be ordered by price from least to most expensive on the app's details page.

  • App screenshots can now be deleted from the Edit App page

  • On the App Market main page, apps with multiple subscriptions will now be listed as 'Starts Free' or 'Starts at...' your lowest tier.

  • Uploaded app videos are displayed at a larger size on the app's details page.

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What's New with the 3 February 2015 Release

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