What's New with the 24 February 2015 Release

With this week's release, we have some new tools to help developers stay responsive to their merchant user base. Remember to keep an eye on the Latest Releases Feed to keep up with merchant facing updates.



As of 3/1/15 Clover will be transitioning its billing structure for merchants. Payment will shift from credit card billing through BrainTree to direct deposits from the merchant's bank account. You will notice that the pending period now includes an "In Progress" step after the transaction has started processing. Under the new system, Clover billing and disbursement will all take place on a monthly basis. Clover will charge a single fee to each merchant's bank account every month. This will include the previous month's per-action charges, new subscriptions (pro-rated), existing subscriptions for the next month and any refunds owed to the merchant.

Dashboard Updates

  • In preparation for building out our OrderType functionality, and as a teaser of things to come, order types can now be set with a number of new options. (These options will not be honored by Clover apps yet.) You can take a look at the new choices by navigating to Merchant Dashboard > Setup > Order Types and selecting Add Order Type.

New Order Type settings include

Custom hours

Whether to display the type as an option in the Register app Which inventory categories are available per order type Min/Max order amounts Special fees Delivery radius and average delivery time

Dashboard Bug Fixes

  • The main page of App Market now displays the correct "starts at" pricing amounts for logged out users.
  • New subscription tiers and pricing can now be added after an app already has active subscribers.

Webhooks Updates

  • Merchant webhook will now send UPDATE notifications when a merchant changes properties such as their business hours, phone number, or order types.

  • The Webhooks server will now enforce a back off for clients returning error responses. After a threshold of 5 errors, the server will begin to delay its notifications with sequentially increasing backoff times.

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