What's New with the 22 March 2015 Release

The entire Clover team is thrilled about the upcoming launch of Clover Mobile, Clover Mini, and our new merchant software plans. In the coming weeks, you can look forward to getting all of the details about these new devices, as well as how you can best utilize our new plans as a developer. For now, we have a sneak peek of the new system as we prepare with an update to your developer dashboard. The Developer Dashboard > Your App > Edit App menu now includes a section for setting which modules your application requires.

Think of these modules along the same lines as permissions. Select only the categories of data your application will require to operate.

After the upcoming release, merchants using Clover Mobile or Clover Mini will have the opportunity to register for two new kinds of merchant plans as alternatives to the Classic plan, which comes with our current Clover Station. Each plan will have access to a different set of modules.

Although an app's module settings will not take effect until after the coming release, we recommend that you get a head start by selecting only those categories of data needed by your app. This will ensure that your app will target the widest user base possible as we welcome a new community of Clover Mobile and Clover Mini based merchants.

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