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What's New with the 19 January 2015 Release

Hi all, for those I haven't interacted with yet I am a recent addition to the Clover team, here to help provide useful resources and support to our rapidly expanding community of 3rd party developers. As a part of that program I will be regularly updating this blog with details about Clover's new releases likely to impact the developer community. (For merchant facing release info, check out the Latest Releases feed here.) Here are the changes to look out for in the 19 January release:


New Features

  • Subscription rates and metered actions now have separate sub-listings for each country where the app will be available. From the US market, the United States is currently the only country option. The EU market has options for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

If your pricing status has been approved, you can manage these settings by clicking the 'Add Country' button under the payment type listing. Please Note: Setting the price for a country signals availability for that app._If you are developing for the EU market and your pricing status has not yet been approved, you can select the countries where you intend to make your app available with the 'Availability' settings on the 'Edit App' screen.

  • The App Market now supports a 'subscriptionId' URL query string which allows external links to an app with one subscription option pre-selected.


  • The "a" route[appId] has been deprecated. Instead use the "apps" route[appId]

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What's New with the 19 January 2015 Release

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