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What's New with the 12 May 2015 Release

This week we have rolled out several important new updates, features, and fixes.

API Updates

  • Merchants now have the option to select either 4 digit or six digit PINs for employees. This setting is exposed through the REST API from the /v3/merchants/{mId}/properties endpoint under the pinLength field.

  • REST API requests with expansion query values that include non-letters will now return 400 Error 'Unable to parse expandedField'.

Dashboard Updates

  • The Clover Development APKs are now hosted at

  • App package names are now based on the first uploaded package, instead of being set before uploading. Be sure to review the Android documentation as there have been several updates.

  • Android app push notifications are now constrained to alphanumeric characters, underscores, and hyphens.

Bug Fixes

  • New EU developer merchants are no longer automatically assigned a region of en-us.

  • Web app installation redirects now respect app's default response type selection.

  • Fixed bug preventing developers from removing an app's smart receipts URL once it had been entered.

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What's New with the 12 May 2015 Release

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