Upcoming IP Address Change for Clover API Services

This notification is only relevant if you use:

  • Outbound firewall rules to restrict the IPs your Clover API service or application (via server-to-server or client-to-server connectivity) can connect to
  • Local assignment of host to IP mappings for the Clover API services you connect to

In February 2017, Clover will be changing the IP addresses underlying the DNS addresses for the Clover API services. While we have previously said that these IP addresses may change at any time, and without notice, we wanted to provide this notification out of an abundance of caution. Note that we also strongly recommend against these types of outbound firewall rules or local DNS/host assignment, because we still reserve the right to change these IPs at any time. If you do have outbound firewall rules, we recommend you add rules allowing traffic to the necessary IPs now, so that when the IP addresses change, you can enjoy uninterrupted Clover API access. The following DNS mappings will be affected: api.clover.com and www.clover.com (TCP port 80 and TCP port 443) Also, note that your application should be using api.clover.com to access the Clover API, and NOT www.clover.com, except for OAUTH flows. We are aware of many developers who are using www.clover.com primarily/exclusively for their API calls, and while this works today, this will be deprecated and removed in the near future.