Testing and validation

Submitting your application information and videos

Once your application is ready, send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Developer name
  • Company/organization
  • Production developer account ID
  • Production Remote Application ID
  • Region (US, Canada, Argentina, or UK/Ireland)
  • SDK (Windows, Android, Cloud, iOS, or Go)
  • If using Windows, the service used by your app (REST, WebSocket, or Clover Mini DLLs)
  • Pay display app (USB, Cloud, Secure Network, or other)
  • List your integration's features:
    • Automatic partial payment (insufficient funds, required in US)
    • Sale
    • Auth & tip adjust (supported in US only)
    • PreAuth & capture (supported in US only)
    • Vault card (supported in US only)
    • Manual refund
    • Payment refund
    • Void
    • Customized display order (for example, discounts or line items/no line items)
    • Manual card entry
    • First Data gift cards
    • EBT cash
    • Pre-sale tipping
    • Tips on paper
    • Printing Clover receipts
    • Reprinting receipts
    • Customized Clover receipts (adding a logo, adding taglines, or removing line items)
    • Using DisableReceiptSelection transaction setting to skip printing Clover receipt
    • Using AutoAcceptSignature transaction setting to skip signature verification
  • Attach or link to videos showing your apps payment flows



Partial payments integration is required for the US region. Please include the Clover paper receipt from your partial auth testing.

If you have any questions about testing and validation, reach out to us in the Semi-Integration space on community.clover.com, or email us at [email protected].

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