SmartTables is the Disrupt SF 2014 Clover Sponsor winner!

Congratulations to SmartTables, winners of the $5,000 Clover sponsor prize for the TechCrunch Disrupt 2014! Ray Ho and Mark Watson combined iBeacons with a restaurant mobile app to seamlessly mark a table as occupied when patrons arrive and pay for their bill when they leave. Customers can also order food from the app to speed up service even more.

See a full writeup and the SmartTables demo on TechCrunch. This was one of a number of great teams that hacked on Clover. Given 24 hours to hack on Clover's RESTful web API and Android SDK, teams came up with smart coupons, getting change back in Bitcoin, grocery shopping by recipe, and more. We're excited to see how much innovation one weekend can bring to small and medium businesses. Being an open platform means that is hacking on Clover is a year-round event! Learn how to publish your app in Clover App Market at