Reviewing updates for Approved and Published apps

October 15th, 2019

We have streamlined the process to help manage updates made to your approved and published apps. This is to ensure these changes comply with the terms stipulated in our developer agreement.

Reviewing updates

Updates to the following details require a Clover review:

  • Distribution: Subscription country, supported languages, or locales
  • Legal: EULA/Terms of Service or Privacy policy
  • Market Listing: App icon or site URL
  • App Permissions

With the new process, you are informed (via the Developer Dashboard) about changes that have been submitted for review and when a review has been updated by Clover. In addition, you also see options to revert/undo pending changes.

You receive email notifications for all status updates of a review. Once approved, the changes are publicly visible on the App Market.



This feature has no impact on:

  • Current app status on the App Market: Published apps continue to remain visible on the App Market.

  • Subscription tiers and pricing: All the subscription tiers and metered pricing of your published apps continue to function as expected. You can also modify existing subscription tiers and pricing.

  • APK update process: You can continue to submit and update APKs for your Android apps.

For questions and feedback, use