Updated process for reviewing changes to approved/published apps

We are introducing a streamlined process to help manage updates made to your approved/published apps. This is to ensure these changes comply with the terms stipulated in our developer agreement.

Updates to the following details now require a Clover review:

  • Distribution: Subscription country, supported languages, or locales
  • Legal: EULA/Terms of Service or Privacy policy
  • Market Listing: App icon or site URL

With the new process, we inform you (via the developer dashboard) which changes are submitted for review, when a review is updated by Clover, and an option to revert/undo pending changes.

In addition, we’ll be sending email notifications for all status updates of a review. Once approved, the changes will be publicly visible in the App Market.



This feature has no impact on:

  • Current app status on the App Market: Published apps continue to remain visible on the App Market.
  • Subscription tiers and pricing: All the subscription tiers and metered pricing of your published apps continue to function as expected. You can also modify existing subscription tiers and pricing.
  • APK update process: You can continue to submit and update APKs for your Android apps.

You can keep track of all merchant-facing changes on Clover Help. For questions and feedback, use community.clover.com.

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