Release Notes - September 6th, 2019

We have released the following bug fixes in the Clover sandbox environment:

Viewing subscriptions on the app details page

Both logged in and logged out Clover merchants now see your app’s active subscription tiers on the app details page on the Clover App Market. We have ensured that any disabled subscription tiers are not visible for merchants.

Accurately applying merchant-defined tax rules by order type to line items

The line_items endpoint enables you to create new line items for an order. If Clover merchants apply tax rules by order type on the merchant dashboard (Setup > Taxes & Fees > Rules by Order Type), these rules are now accurately applied to created line items.

For more information about the line_items endpoint, see our REST API reference.

You can keep track of all merchant-facing changes on Clover Help. For questions and feedback, use

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