Release Notes - September 4th, 2018

We have released the following improvements in the Clover Sandbox environment:

Showcasing localized apps in international (non-US) Clover App Markets

We are enabling third-party developers to add localized app information in the app’s Details page on the Developer Dashboard.

To add localized app information:

  1. In your app’s Pricing page on the Developer Dashboard, ensure that you have created free subscription tiers for app market locations where you want to publish your app.

  2. In your app’s Details page, select a language from the Manage Language list. The language appears as an option next to the default English (United States) option.



The Manage Language list elements correspond to the number of subscription tiers you have created under Pricing.

  1. For the selected language, you can add the following localized app information:
  • App name
  • Tagline
  • App description
  • Video
  • Screenshots
  • Support
  • Legal and privacy policy



Until we make our app pricing and billing features available in our international app markets, only free apps can be published in these markets. We will follow-up when these features are available.

Remote Pay for Windows Updates

We have released version 2.0 of Remote Pay for Windows. Here are some key highlights in this release:

  • New payment flows for Canada (Interac cards)
    We have introduced support for different payment flows and credit card flows in Canada.
  • Improved payment validation
    We have improved our payment validation process for greater consistency across different languages.
  • Updates for deprecated methods
    We have removed all deprecated methods and provided better workarounds.

You can find detailed information about and source code for this releases in our GitHub repo for Windows. For questions and feedback, use

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