Release Notes - October 7, 2015

Developer Kits

  • Clover developer kits are now officially available and the preordered kits have been shipped.

  • If you haven't already, take a look at the new Sandbox Developer Dashboard. The Sandbox environment is used by all Clover development kits, which can be easily associated and disassociated between your test merchants via the sandbox dashboard. We encourage all third party developers to take advantage of this isolated, development friendly environment for Android or web app development.

Dashboard Updates

  • It is now possible to select Terminal or Register Bundle for your test merchants from the app market Service Plan tab. (Test merchant accounts will not be charged the service plan rate)

  • Now, when a Developer refunds a merchant from the dashboard, it will cancel any pending refunds, such as those created by a merchant downgrading their subscription mid-month. This results in a single, clear refund record for the complete balance to be refunded.

  • The Charges page now accurately reflects summary totals based on all currencies paid.

  • Fixed a bug causing changes to App permissions via the dashboard to save incorrectly

API Updates

  • We have a new endpoint, v3/apps/{aId}/merchants/{mId}/metereds/{meteredEventId} , which returns all instances of a metered event by merchant

  • Transition to new Read-Only database. See previous post for details.

  • Fixed bug causing single rate limit for all merchant dashboard generated tokens.

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