Release Notes - October 1st, 2018

We have released the following improvements in the Clover Sandbox environment:

Showcasing app benefits on Clover App Market

We are enabling third-party developers to showcase app benefits information for both new and existing apps in the app’s Details page on the Developer Dashboard.

To add app benefits information:

  1. In your app’s Details page, select App Benefits.
  2. In the App Benefits pop-up that appears, list up to 5 benefits of your app.
  3. Select Save when you have completed adding app benefits information. You can see a preview on the Details page. For each localized version of your app, simply repeat these steps to add app benefits.



The app benefits section has the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 2 app benefits must be listed
  • Each app benefit can have up to 100 characters
  • You can use letters, digits, and any special characters except <, >, or leading spaces

Requiring developer support phone number

To create an improved dialogue between Clover merchants and 3rd party developers, we are now requiring developers to provide support phone number information in the app’s Details page on the Developer Dashboard.

  • New apps
    For any new apps submitted for publishing on Clover App Market, the Support Phone Number field (under Support) is now a mandatory field.
  • Existing apps
    For existing apps, the next time you make updates to the Support section, the Support Phone Number field will be mandatory.

Please test these improvements in your sandbox environments. For questions and feedback, use

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