Release Notes - October 12th, 2018

We have released the following improvements in the Clover Sandbox environment:

Localizing smart receipts

We are enabling third-party developers to localize smart receipts in the app’s Settings page on the Developer Dashboard. For every localized version of your apps, you can now add value to Clover paper and web customer receipts.

To localize smart receipts:

  1. In your app’s Pricing page on the Developer Dashboard, ensure that you have created subscription tiers for app market locations where you want to publish your app.
  2. In your app’s Settings page, select Smart Receipts. On the Smart Receipts page that appears, the options correspond to the number of subscription tiers you have created under Pricing.
  3. Select Enable Smart Receipts for each locale that you want to create smart receipts in. Two additional fields appear for each enabled locale.
  4. Enter the Smart receipt text and Smart receipt URL values for each selected locale. You are required to enter at least one value for each selected locale.
  5. Once you are done, select Save. You can see your updated smart receipts information in the app’s Settings page.



Until we make our app pricing and billing features available in our international app markets, only free apps can be published in these markets. We will follow-up when these features are available.

Enabling tip modes for auth requests using Payment Connector

On Clover Station and Station 2018, we are enabling third-party developers to set tip modes for auth transactions in their native Android integrated payment solutions using Payment Connector.



Since these tip modes affect the payment flows on Clover Station and Station (2018), this improvement has been introduced only for Payment Connector and not for Remote Pay.

A typical business case for an auth is a full-service restaurant, where customers can add a tip amount even after their credit card has been used to authorize a payment amount.

You can set 3 tip mode values using the setTipMode() method of the AuthRequest class:

Tip modeSetting
No tip (with or without signature)null (default value)
Tip on paperTipMode.ON_PAPER
Tip on screen after payment (with or without signature)TipMode.ON_SCREEN_AFTER_PAYMENT



Both Clover Station and Station 2018 have these three tip modes available. The Clover Mini and Mini (2nd Gen) devices do not have a setting for tip on screen after payment.

Clover App Updates

The following Clover apps have been updated:

App Market1290
App Updater 21139
Bill Split74
Clover Device Server48
Mobile Printers1375
Remote Pay208
Secure Payments201
Tables 2.024
ValueLink (FD Gift Cards)139

If your solutions are impacted by any app that has been updated, please test the app. You can keep track of all merchant-facing improvements on Clover Help. For questions and feedback, use

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