Release Notes - May 2nd, 2018

We have released the following improvements and bug fixes to the Clover Sandbox environments:


New Bulk Import API Endpoints

In response to developer feedback, we are introducing a new bulk_items REST API endpoint. With this endpoint, you can:

  • Bulk create merchant inventory items
POST /v3/merchant/{mId}/bulk_items

To bulk create inventory items, build your JSON as an array of individual items:

         <item 1>,
         <item 2>,
         <item n>



The bulk_items endpoint has a limit of 100 inventory items per call.

  • Bulk update merchant inventory items
PUT /v3/merchant/{mId}/bulk_items

To bulk update inventory items, set the unique UUID of every inventory item in your JSON.

For more information on the schema for creating and updating inventory items, see Clover REST API Reference.

Remote Pay SDK Updates

The remote pay SDKs have been updated with improvements and bug fixes:

Bug Fixes

  • Completing Web app installation without browser pop-up blockers

    When Clover merchants install your Web app from the Clover App Market, the OAuth flow redirects merchants to a new browser tab. Our bug fix disables any browser pop-up blockers for successfully completing the OAuth flow and installing the Web app.

Please test these changes in your Clover Sandbox environments. For questions and feedback, please use

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