Release Notes - May 16th, 2019

We have released the following improvements in the Clover Sandbox and Production environments:

Working with targeted links

We fixed a bug that enables developers to successfully set targeted links and encourage merchants to upgrade to higher subscription tiers. With this fix, higher subscription tier benefits can be showcased to logged in merchants as well.

Billing improvements

We are updating our Apps API endpoint for retrieving more accurate merchant billing information about your app.

GET /v3/apps/{aId}/merchants/{mId}/billing_info

In this update, we are improving the quality of information provided by the status field in the JSON response. You can use this information and make decisions about suspending app services to Clover merchants:

The status field provides the current billing status of a Clover merchant. The field can now have 4 possible responses:

Status Definition


A merchant account is ACTIVE when Clover is able to bill the merchant.


A merchant account is LAPSED when Clover is unable to bill the merchant due to incorrect or incomplete banking information.

Merchants with a LAPSED account status can no longer be used to install paid apps or make changes to their paid subscription plans for apps on the Clover App Market.


A merchant account is INACTIVE when it has been 90 days since the merchant has been in a LAPSED state.

Merchants have an INACTIVE account status if their processing account has been closed with Clover and Fiserv.


Test merchant accounts are SUPPRESSED.

You can keep track of all merchant-facing changes on Clover Help. For questions and feedback, use

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