Release Notes - June 30 to July 22, 2015

Android Updates

  • ACTION_AUTHENTICATE_EMPLOYEE no longer hides the system UI on Clover Station.
  • The TransactionDetailActivity no longer crashes for payments without employees.

API Updates

  • Request rate limit is now 16 requests per second per merchant (See here for details: Changes to API rate limiting].
  • Any lineItems associated with refunds can now be expanded via the refunds endpoints: /v3/merchants/{mID}/refunds?expand=lineItems.
  • There is now a new 'Process Credit Cards' permission, which is required to access a merchant's payment keys.
  • A merchant webhook is now sent when a merchant changes their employee PIN length.
  • POST requests to v3/merchants/{merchantId}/orders/{orderId}/payments now respects the employee value

Dashboard Updates

  • All Clover-developed Android apps are now available on the development APKs page.
  • Free app subscriptions and app subscriptions which have migrated to free are now correctly added to the download total.

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