Release Notes - June 3, 2016

Key Changes


Clover Station now supports the TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 protocols. Clover Station will no longer support TLS 1.0 and other legacy cipher suites. Please see our notice for more information:

New Features

  • Design update to the Charges pages

  • Merchant support information has been moved from the developer dashboard header to the Manage Merchants page.

  • New developer role permission to allow read-only access to view merchant groups.

  • The API to get a list of a merchant's devices has been made public, allowing access to device UUIDs, which can be used for actions like device-specific push notifications or filtering data by GET /v3/merchants/{mId}/devices

  • New options expansion available on v3 inventory Items endpoints (e.g. v3/merchants/{mUUID}/items ). This provides the item variant attribute-options associated with an item, and their corresponding attributes.

  • Directly modifying an inventory item's itemStock now triggers an update webhook for that item.

  • A "Taxes may apply" notice has been added to the App Market installation dialogue for paid apps.

  • Merchant App Market permissions have been updated so that all employees can see all available apps.

  • Merchant's are now listed in the Billing section with either an ACTIVE or LAPSED status, depending on the status of their last charge. If the status is LAPSED a daysLapsed value will be displayed, showing the number of days since the last successful charge.

  • Merchants will now receive prorated refunds after uninstalling apps with monthly subscription fees. These refunds may be full or partial, depending on when during the billing cycle they are generated

  • Developer admins can invite and manage additional users to a single developer account. As well as manage user roles and permissions, controlling access to various features of the developer dashboard.

  • The service charge field has been updated to allow numbers with decimals.

Bug Fixes

  • The following deprecated print job types were removed from the Android SDK: BillPrintJob, CreditPrintJob, GiftReceiptPrintJob, LineItemOrderPrintJob, OrderBasedPrintJob, OrderPrintJob, PaymentPrintJob, ReceiptPrintJob, RefundPrintJob, StaticRefundPrintJob.

  • Payment, Refund and Tax summary reports now include all Merchant Tender types regardless of the tender visibility status or deleted status in order to more accurately reflect the value of transactions during historical periods. Previously, if a payment or tax summary report included a date range where payments or refunds were accepted with a tender type that had since been removed, the historical data also had the payment, refund and tax data removed.

  • Missing filter fields have been added to the Shifts app's exportable CSV report.

  • Tax rates that have been removed from an item can now be added back to the same item via the Inventory dashboard app.

  • Inventory webhooks are now sent when a modifier group is deleted and subsequently removed from an item.

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