Release Notes - June 1, 2015

API Updates

  • In order to reduce latency, the v3/merchants/{mID}/reports/employees/{eID} and v3/merchants/{mID}/reports/payments web API endpoints are now limited to a date range of 92 days or fewer.

  • Merchant service charge settings are now exposed via the v3/merchants/{mID}/default_service_charge web API endpoint.

  • Expanding the items field for lineItems in requests to the web API will now return deleted item objects, if any were associated with the lineItem.

  • There is a new Android example of working with the secure payments Android intents (Mobile and Mini only):

Dashboard Updates

  • In the developer charges table, BILLED charges will now transition into DISBURSE_PENDING at the end of the month. While a charge is DISBURSE_PENDING it is being processed for disbursement, and it can no longer be refunded.

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