Release Notes - August 20th, 2018

We have released the following improvements and bug fixes in the Clover Sandbox environment.


Updates to app pricing in our international (non-US) Clover App Markets

While our Clover engineering teams continue to build and test the app pricing and billing features for Canada, Germany, Austria, and Argentina, free 3rd party developer apps can still be published in these App Markets.

Until we make our app pricing and billing features available, we have set a disclaimer under Settings > Pricing > Add Metered Event for your app. We will follow-up with you when these features are available for our international App Markets.

Bug Fixes

Creating Canadian and German test merchants in the Clover Sandbox environment

In our Canadian and German Clover App Markets, merchants are automatically assigned to the Payments Plus plan. Our bug fix ensures that:

  • You can successfully create test merchants for these markets, and
  • Clover apps in the Payments Plus plan are installed for these test merchants.

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