Release Notes - April 4th, 2018

We have released the following improvements and bug fixes to the Clover Sandbox environments:


  • Auto-generated Remote App IDs

    Every app on the Clover platform is uniquely identified by an App ID. For a semi-integrated app, an additional remote app ID is used to log payments made through the app.

    To create consistency in the length and format of remote app IDs, we are introducing a method of auto-generating remote app IDs for new semi-integrated apps.

    When you create a new semi-integrated app on the Developer Dashboard, instead of manually entering a remote app ID (under Settings > Semi-Integrated App), you now simply select Generate RAID and a valid ID is generated for you.


    Existing semi-integrated apps are not affected and their existing remote app IDs are preserved.

  • Better OAuth Support for your mobile apps on iOS and Android

    To better support the OAuth flow for your mobile apps, we are making the Site URL field on the Developer Dashboard more robust.

    While setting up your OAuth flow, you can now configure the Site URL value (under Settings > Web Configuration) with any URL scheme, such as clovergo://oauth or

Bug Fixes

  • Associating Clover Dev Kits with Test Merchants

    A Clover Sandbox development account can have multiple non-owner members, each of which can have their own test merchants. Our bug fix enables these non-owner members to both associate and disassociate Clover Dev Kits for their own test merchants.

  • Disabling the Deletion of Merchant Account Owner ID

    Our bug fix makes the employee REST API endpoint more robust. We have disabled the deletion of a merchant account's owner employee ID using the employee endpoint. You now receive a 404 HTTP response.

Please test these changes in your Clover Sandbox environments. For questions and feedback, please use Clover Community.

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