Release Notes - April 15, 2016

Key Changes


Please review the following to understand how they may affect your apps, especially if you have already published apps in the App Market

The Clover developer platform has two new capabilities for Android apps: The ability to create and manage Android app beta releases - learn more here The ability to include release notes with each APK version - learn more here

New Features

  • New developer guidelines have been posted:

  • To allow for easier development of applications that integrate with USB peripherals, the USB access list can be bypassed by setting a system property: $ adb shell setprop sys.usb.whitelist_enabled false. This value does not persist across reboots.

  • Developers can now upload APKs up to 50MB in size.

  • The Android Intents documentation has been updated:

  • Merchants can now select or upload a logo to display on their payment receipts from the Setup web app.

  • Order numbers now print even if set to NONE in Setup > Order Receipts.

  • New SDK functionality allows forced validation of an Access Token, after fetching it from the device's cache. If a token fetched in this way returns a 401 response code, you may toggle this via a the CloverAccount.KEY_FORCE_VALIDATE boolean flag on the CloverAuth.authenticate() method. Be aware that this flag will noticeably increase response latency, and should only be used when necessary.

  • Added support for HID-class non-keyboard USB peripherals.

  • Changes to allow for supporting additional USB barcode readers.

Bug Fixes

  • Online receipts (email, text message) REF is updated to reflect the same reference number used on printed receipts. V2 API calls for payment data (either direct to payment or via merchant) - card data refnum will now contain the same reference number shown on payment receipts, instead of the transactionNo.

  • Non-billable merchants now identified on Charges page.

  • Remove demo charges by FD sales demo merchants from Charges page.

  • Fixed missing Charge refund button due to incorrect export months caused by auto-timezone recalculation.

  • Fixed displayed Charge refund tax amounts.

  • Improved user experience during Out-Of-Box installation flow for USB peripherals.

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