Release Notes - April 10th, 2019

We have released the following improvements in the Clover Sandbox environment:

Ratings and reviews now on Clover devices

We are releasing ratings and reviews in the More Tools app. Clover merchants can review installed apps from the App Details section. We will continue to expand this feature's functionality.

As of today, over 30 3rd party developer apps have live reviews with an average 4.4 rating. We highly recommend that you solicit reviews from your merchants. Please review our Clover App Market Ratings & Reviews policy.

Receiving order broadcasts from the Clover Dining app

Clover Dining now sends an ORDER_SAVED broadcast, which includes an order ID, every time a merchant selects the following options in the app:

  • Fire, to send a saved order (that has line items to be fired) to the printer
  • Save, to save an order with no line items to fire
  • Pay, with queued line items ready to be fired to the printer

The ORDER_SAVED broadcast sent by Clover Dining mimics ORDER_SAVED broadcasts sent by the Register app. This includes the additional EXTRA_CLOVER_ORDER_ID value for each saved order that has line items to be fired to the printer.

Your app can listen for ORDER_SAVED broadcasts and continue to check for updates to existing orders just like you would with the Register app.

Displaying customer receipt options in the merchant-facing orientation

On Clover Station 2018, under Setup > Payment Receipts, if the Automatically print customer receipt after each order option is selected, the customer receipt options must be displayed after customer payment. Our bug fix ensures that the customer receipt options are displayed in the merchant-facing orientation as expected.

Successfully closing out pre-auths

On Clover Station 2018, merchants should be able to close out pre-auth transactions in the Register app whenever required. Our bug fix ensures that the closeout feature works as expected.

Using credit cards with insufficient funds

On Clover Station, if a credit card with insufficient funds is used, the Register app should redirect merchants back to the payments screen. Our bug fix ensures that the redirection works as expected.

Upcoming webhooks improvements

In the coming weeks, we are upgrading our webhooks for improved efficiency. Our system will now send the entire JSON object with payload data as a webhook notification instead of the current format of Clover UUID, type of operation, and timestamp.

This upgrade for all webhooks mimics how the Employees webhook works. We highly recommend that you test your apps with the Employees webhook and reach out if you are experiencing any problems.

We will send an announcement when this update is available.

You can keep track of all merchant-facing changes on Clover Help. For questions and feedback, use

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