Introducing Ratings and Reviews on Clover App Market - May 9th, 2018

Over the next 3 weeks, Clover is introducing a ratings and reviews system on Clover App Market. On the app details page, merchants will have opportunities to submit 1 - 5 star ratings and accompanying reviews.

This is an exciting step towards improving discoverability for developers that deliver quality solutions for merchants. We will use ratings data as an additional weighted parameter to determine app placement on the App Market carousels and in search results. Higher ratings will result in better ranking.

In the introductory phase, only Clover will have permissions to view and respond to relevant merchant feedback. In subsequent phases, we will make the system public for an interactive feedback loop between all merchants and developers.

Please note other important considerations:

  • Relevancy of Rating Submissions
    We will monitor submissions for relevancy. Note that misguided grievances by merchants will not affect an app's rating.
  • Sharing Feedback with Developers
    In the introductory phase, we will share notable feedback (both good and bad) with developers.
  • Versions and Updates
    In subsequent phases, merchants will have opportunities to provide ratings and reviews for app versions, bug fixes, and other updates.
  • App Removals
    We are currently evaluating policies for removing apps that maintain a rating below a certain threshold for a reasonable length of time.
  • Requesting Reviews from Merchants
    While developers may ask merchants to submit a review, compensating merchants in any form in exchange for a review is strictly prohibited and is grounds for suspension or removal from the App Market.

These changes will be part of a future update to our developer policies about ratings and reviews. Our App Market is undergoing continuous evolution to meet the needs of both our merchants and developers. This reviews and ratings system is an important step in that direction.

For questions and feedback, please use

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