New Plan Available to Merchants - March 17, 2017

Clover now offers merchants a new software plan called Register Lite which streamlines payments, inventory, and employee and customer engagement. Register Lite now assumes many of the included modules that were previously only available to the Register feature set. The Register plan is now a bit more granular on specific use cases and specific modules for printers and modifiers. What this means to you, the developer, is an opportunity to offer products to a new merchant segment. In addition, you will now be able to select modules required in your apps and Clover will help target your app to the right set of merchants. For instance: If your app applies discounts to orders based on what items are added, you would require Orders, Items and Discounts. Your app would be available to Register Lite merchants, Classic merchants, and Register merchants, but not Payment Plus merchants. For more details on modules specific to each plan and general module information: Modules & Merchant Plans