.NET SDK v4.0 Release Notes - March 20th, 2019

We have released version 4.0 of the Remote Pay SDK for .NET.

New device state transition notification

The OnInvalidStateTransitionResponse method has been added to the ICloverConnectorListener. Apps can use the returned messages to notify POS users of disallowed actions or log the messages as needed.

Added tipSuggestions transaction setting

Transactions can now include tip suggestion text and amounts to override the default or merchant-configured tips.

USB connection improvements

Windows POS apps connecting with USB were subject to instability if the connection was left idle or disconnected and reconnected. The USB connection module has been updated to prevent this issue.

Example app installer changes

The installer for the example POS now properly configures Windows event logs for the application. For more information about the change and instructions for adding similar code to your app's installer, see Setting Up Windows Event Logs in the SDK wiki.

Example app updates

The example POS now checks for partial payments, a feature that is required for some integrations. The new tip suggestions setting is included on the Transaction Overrides tab.

Source code and more information

You can find detailed information about and source code for this release in our GitHub repo for .NET. For questions and feedback, use community.clover.com.

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