.NET SDK v3.0.2 Release Notes - January 28th, 2019

We have released version 3.0.2 of the Remote Pay SDK for .NET.

TransactionInfo Language and Locale Information

To support regions with multiple languages, the language and locale information related to the customer's card used in the current transaction has been added to the new Payment.TransactionInfo object. This information can be used by an integrated point of sale to print a transaction receipt in the customer's preferred language.

Removed REST & WebSocket services

The Clover Connector REST and WebSocket services were previously deprecated and have now been removed.

Rather than providing a generic REST or WebSocket server wrapped around a USB Clover Connector connection, developers are encouraged to wrap any of the Clover Connector connections with a server specific to their needs.

The existing code is available on GitHub in previous releases. It can be used as an example and adapted as needed for your application.

Source code and more information

You can find detailed information about and source code for this release in our GitHub repo for .NET. For questions and feedback, use community.clover.com.

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