More Information on Handling Merchant App Charges

November 4th, 2019

The new Developer Dashboard gives you visibility into your app’s pricing model, the number of merchants using it, and app charges to merchants in various charge statuses. Please review your statements periodically on the Billing > Statements page to be aware of the total charged and disbursed amounts. In supporting small to medium (SMBs) businesses, we expect to have issues with some merchants being unable to pay us, and hence our collection rate can never be 100%.

In May 2019, we informed you about new webhooks available to track merchant account statuses. Use the new Developer Dashboard > Billing section to see:

  • Charge status such as Incurred on transactions. Merchants with Incurred or repeated In Progress charge statuses are still incurring charges that Clover can’t collect until the merchant updates their bank information.
  • Billable and non-billable merchants who have installed an app on the Installs page.

To ensure you get paid on time, make sure that your current bank account information is approved on the Developer Dashboard.

You can keep merchants in a Lapsed account status from using your app and incurring charges until they update their bank information. Take the following steps to prevent further payment delays and incurred charges with lapsed accounts:

  1. Reach out to the merchant and ask them to update their bank account information. Merchants can update their bank information by calling Clover Customer Support.
  2. Use the billing_info endpoint to retrieve the merchant account status. With this information, you can find alternative ways of handling Lapsed merchants after repeated ACH rejects on their bank account.
  3. Review the documentation on getting the merchant’s billing information for more information.

When you plan to build new apps, you can learn more about monetizing your apps. If you have published apps, you can learn more about the billing lifecycle to understand what the various charge statuses mean.