Offline/Merchant Error on Sandbox Devices - September 20, 2016

Description: If you have a sandbox device that shows offline, but has access to the internet, you may have a certificate issue that is preventing it from working with our servers. Another symptom of the same underlying issue, is when activating a sandbox device, you get an 'Error Retrieving Merchant Information' error. To correct the problem, you can follow the directions below or visit our Dev-Ask post on the topic. If you run into trouble, reach out to us on the Dev-Ask Post and we'll be glad to help. Fix: If you are seeing the issue listed then please follow these steps to address your issue: Download the corresponding apk for your device. Mini: Mini APK Mobile: Mobile APK You will need to have adb installed and added to your path: ADB: Sideload the corresponding APK adb install CloverUpdateCert_Mini.apk OR adb install CloverUpdateCert_Mobile.apk Then start the service adb shell am startservice -n It will do a factory rest at this time. Once done the issue should be addressed. You will have to reactivate your device. You will have to disassociate and reassociate your device to your merchant in your sandbox account. Setup Directions: