iOS SDK v3.0.2 Release Notes - March 19th, 2019

We have released version 3.0.2 of the Remote Pay SDK for iOS.

Added tipSuggestions transaction setting

The SDK now allows each transaction to include tip suggestions (amounts and text) that override the default and merchant-configured tips.

Improved messages for onTxStartResponse and onAuthTipAdjustedResponse failures

Instead of a basic “Failure” indicator, the SDK now passes complete failure messages back to consuming apps.

Improved Interac card support

Added Interac to the list of supported card types to ensure transactions with these cards process correctly.

Updated example app

The example POS now shows errors when the user tries to partially refund an auth that has not been closed. Custom per-transaction tip suggestions can also be configured using the app.

Bug fixes

See the GitHub release page for information about bug fixes in this release.

Source code and more information

You can find detailed information about and source code for this release in our GitHub repo for iOS. For questions and feedback, use

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