iOS SDK v3.0.1 Release Notes - February 8th, 2019

We have released version 3.0.1 of the Remote Pay SDK for iOS.

New language and locale information

The SDK now receives and passes a language indicator from the customer’s card. This information can be used by an integrated point of sale to print a transaction receipt in the customer’s preferred language.

Regional enhancements for Argentina

The SDK now supports transaction processing for Argentine merchants. The example point-of-sale app has been updated to show how regional parameters can be set.

New displayReceiptOptions method

The displayReceiptOptions method shows the receipt options screen for a credit, refund, or payment. This addition enhances the SDK by deprecating the displayPaymentReceiptOptions method that only worked with payments.

Vaulted card data included in transaction responses

The CardTransaction response object now includes vaultedCard data. This data can be stored and used for recurring transactions if the merchant is set up to use tokenized cards.

Source code and more information

You can find detailed information about and source code for this release in our GitHub repo for iOS. For questions and feedback, use

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