IMPORTANT Security Changes to Web Resources on Clover Devices

Browser app has been disabled on Clover Station

Clover Mobile and Clover Mini devices do not allow access to the Browser app to ensure the security of our merchants. We are now extending this to Clover Station. This means that the Browser app on Clover Station will be disabled for all roles (including Admins and Managers).

You can continue to access the Clover web dashboard from the Setup app.

If your Clover app is using Intent.ACTION_VIEW:

  1. this is not supported on Clover Mobile or Clover Mini

2. this will not longer work for Clover Station.

We recommend using native Android WebViews to show content within your app.

Upcoming changes to WebViews

In the coming weeks Clover will be rolling out a change to all Clover devices that will prevent the use of Webviews with HTTP URLs. All on-device WebViews will be required to use HTTPS. If your Clover app is using a WebView with an HTTP URL: Within the next four weeks create a new version, making what changes are necessary to transition to HTTPS or disable unnecessary WebViews.

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