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You can choose how you want to build apps on our flexible Clover platform.


Clover platform and third-party apps

  • Using the Clover Android SDK, you can build Android apps that run on Clover devices. Your apps can leverage rich business data and Clover device hardware capabilities.
  • Using the Clover REST API, you can build web apps. To build web apps on the Clover platform, make authorized Clover REST API calls and help merchants manage their business better.
  • Using the Ecommerce API, you can build apps that integrate with Ecommerce services in various ways to tailor to the needs of merchants.
  • Using the Clover Android Payments API, you can process payments from your Android app on a variety of Clover device configurations (without needing to be device aware).

Your apps are published on the Clover App Market.

The Clover platform also enables you to integrate your own POS with Clover devices and accept PCI compliant dip, swipe, and tap payments.

Experience the Clover REST API

Follow these steps to create a Sandbox account and make a simple REST API call to experience our API:

Manage published apps

Track new features

Track the new features in each release.

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