Ratings and Reviews is Live on Clover App Market - EU

We are happy to announce that the new ratings and reviews system is live on the Clover App Market. This system is a step towards creating a feedback loop between Clover merchants and developers.
On the app Details page, logged-in Clover merchants in European (EU) markets can now submit ratings and detailed reviews for their installed apps. We will use ratings data as a weighted input to determine an app’s position on the Clover App Market.
important considerations for this release are:

  • Introductory phase
    In the current introductory phase, only developers at Clover can view and respond to merchant feedback. In subsequent phases, the system will be made public to all developers.
  • Monitoring relevance of rating submissions
    We will monitor submissions for relevance so that misguided grievances by merchants do not affect an app’s rating.
  • Sharing feedback with developers
    In the introductory phase, we will share notable feedback (both good and bad) with developers.
  • Requesting Reviews from Merchants
    We recommend that you encourage your merchants to submit a review for your app. While you may request merchants to submit a review, we prohibit compensating merchants in exchange for a review.

For questions and feedback, please use https://community.clover.com.

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