Deprecation Notice - href value in JSON responses - February 28th, 2019

In the JSON response to a Clover REST API call, the href value is a URL for your request that is automatically generated. In a few cases, we have found that the href value generated is not accurate.

To remove errors in your apps that may be caused by the href value, Clover is deprecating this value in JSON responses on April 30th, 2019.

As a workaround, you can manually build your URLs, which removes any reliance on the href value and makes your apps more robust.


You can simply build your URL for any endpoint in this format:


US & Canada Production:

EU Production:
endpointAs shown in the Clover REST API reference


You can use the orders API endpoint to receive all the orders for the merchant:

            "id": "AS770HBHGEMQ2",
            "employee": {"id": "56RW6MB10GAM8"},
            "total": 3212,
            "orderType": {"id": "06C46KZPJT3CT"},
            "lineItems": {
                "elements": [
                        "id": "B955DT5AQFTFT",
                        "item": {"id": "6A0MN2SQFW60T"},
                        "name": "GreatBall",
                        "price": 600

For this JSON response, the following sample cases highlight how you can build your URL:


For other API endpoints, you can build your URL in the same format for the above example: