Clover Credit Card Surcharging Policy

Clover permits credit surcharging by US and Canadian merchants that comply with card brand guidelines. The implementation of surcharges is handled entirely by the Clover platform and the payment systems it uses. Third-party apps are not allowed to include features which add to or circumvent the surcharges set for the merchant by Clover. Third-party apps are limited to reading and displaying the surcharge data available from the Clover APIs and SDKs.

Clover does not prohibit applications that provide a discount to customers when cash or debit is tendered to a Merchant. Developers are responsible for ensuring their Applications properly implement their cash discount program and comply with applicable rules and laws. The publication of a purported cash discount Application in the Clover App Market does not imply such an application is in compliance with applicable rules and laws. If a Merchant receives a fine, fee, or penalty for its use of a Developer’s cash discount application, the Developer will be responsible for promptly reimbursing such Merchant(s).

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