Invalid-Creating a request to reverse a payment request on Clover Android devices

Use the ReversePaymentRequestIntentBuilder class to build an Intent to start an Activity that will guide a user through the payment reversal steps. Payment reversal can be processed as either a void or refund, depending on the requested amount, if any, and the time since the payment was taken. If an amount is specified, the request must be processed as a refund. If the amount is not specified, either a void or full payment refund will be processed based on several factors including how the payment was taken, how much time had passed since the payment was taken, and what amount was being requested. The result Intent contains a field, Intents.REVERSE_PAYMENT_RESULT, that will indicate if the payment was refunded or voided.


Not available yet... Coming soon

This API is in progress and is not yet available. We will announce it as soon as it is available.