Create your first Clover app

First: Create your developer account



Clover maintains separate production servers for different market regions. In addition, Clover provides a Sandbox development server. This server is used for development and testing, and allows the use of Developer Kits. If you're new to Clover, you should begin by creating your sandbox developer account. You can create production developer accounts later in the regions where you plan to deploy your app.

Create a developer account at Enter and verify your email address. This will create a developer account for you, as well as a test merchant account.

We've created a sample inventory file that will help you get started with your test merchant. Use the dashboard inventory app to import this file.

While creating your developer account, you will also fill out information for your first test merchant account, a fake merchant you can use for testing your app. Later, you can create additional test merchant accounts via the user menu of your dashboard.

Second: Create your app(s)

Finally: Get approved and publish your app to the Clover App Market

When your app is ready, you can create a developer account on a production server, create and upload your finished app, and submit your app for approval. Once your app is approved, merchants will be able to install it from the Clover App Market.

Step 1. Apply to be an approved developer

From the Developer Dashboard click the link to Get Approved. You will be asked to enter information about yourself and your organization in order to verify your identity to help us ensure your apps are safe for merchants. This process can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, so it's best to apply early.

Step 2. Test your app

If you have an Android app, upload your APK to your developer account. Install your app onto your test merchant using the App Market Preview link on your Developer Dashboard. If you have a device with a Clover ROM on it, the APK will be installed on it immediately.

Step 3. Choose the pricing for your app (optional)

If you would like to charge merchants for using your app, you should enter your banking information into the Get Paid section of the Developer Dashboard.

Once you are approved, you will be able to edit the pricing of your app by clicking the Edit Pricing button. See Billing for Apps for more information.

Step 4. Submit your app

When your app is ready for review, click the Submit App button. This will send your app to Clover for review. Make sure to upload your most recent APK for android apps.

Step 5. Publish

Once your app is approved, you can make it available to merchants by clicking *Publish **. Once you publish your app, it will be live on the Clover App Market and available to all merchants as long as it has at least one subscription level.


If you have questions about this process, search the Clover Developer Community's knowledge base.

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