Changes to the REST API - May 30th, 2018

We at Clover are always working on optimizing our REST API services for 3rd party developers. This includes addressing issues of inefficiency and redundancy in our REST API expansions.

At this stage in our process, we are deprecating the following expansions in the next 3 weeks. If you are currently using any of these expansions, you can use workarounds (mentioned below) that are more efficient. These deprecations affect apps that are built using our REST API.

Deprecated Expansion



GET /v3/merchants/{M_ID}/orders to find orders and customers associated with them


GET /v3/merchants/{M_ID}/employees/{EMP_ID}/orders to find orders for a specific employee


GET /v3/merchants/{M_ID}/employees/{EMP_ID}/payments to find payments for a specific employee


GET /v3/merchants/{M_ID}/employees/{EMP_ID}/orders


GET /v3/merchants/{M_ID}/employees/{EMP_ID}/payments


Use GET /v3/merchants/{M_ID}/orders to get an array of customer IDs. For a chosen customer ID, use GET /v3/merchants/{M_ID}/customers/{CUSTOMER_ID}.


Use GET /v3/merchants/{M_ID}/payments to get an Employee object, which includes an employee ID. For a chosen employee ID, use GET /v3/merchants/{M_ID}/employees/{EMP_ID}.

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