Cash discount policy updates

January 22nd, 2020

Clover is committed to keeping our developers and merchants in compliance with the most current financial regulations. We are therefore tightening our stance on how cash discount apps can be described on the Clover App Market.

While cash discount apps may be fully compliant functionally, misused phrasing may still lead to misunderstandings with Clover merchants. If these misunderstandings involve credit card surcharges, merchants using these apps are at risk.

Developer impact

As a reminder, Clover does not allow credit card surcharging, which adds an additional fee to credit card transactions. Cash discount apps can only reduce the posted price of inventory items for cash, check, and PIN debit transactions. Phrasing around these apps should not indicate surcharging functionality.

To comply with cash discount regulations and help protect merchants, Clover will no longer allow the following phrases or their variants:

  • Covering fees
  • 0% processing
  • Free processing

Please review your app(s) to ensure that both the app description and app do not contain any variation of the above phrases. Any description must clearly state that the app provides cash discounts rather than surcharges. For example, covering fees indicates an added charge. At a glance, the app may look like a surcharge app.

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