Building apps for Station Solo

Restaurant merchants who want to increase sales completion efficiency payment speed and efficiency can use Station Solo. The Station Solo is a single-screen device with a high-speed printer specifically designed and tuned for the needs of full-service restaurants and their staff

Station Solo components

Station SoloStation Solo

Station Solo

Station Solo includes two components:

  • Station Solo display: A 14" merchant-facing display that looks similar to Clover Station 2018. The display provides all payment functions (with EMV chip and MSR technologies).
  • Printer: A standalone printer. Unlike some Clover printers, the Station Solo printer does not feature a customer-facing screen or tap-to-pay technologies.

Building apps

If your existing merchant-facing apps run on Clover Station 2, they should run on Station Solo when you adjust for the following:

  • API Level: Station 2 is Android API level 24 and Station Solo is Android API level 29.
  • Payment interfaces: Station Solo does not have support for contactless payments (chip and swipe only)
  • Swivel: A newly designed tilt hinge replaces the swivel screen used on the Station 2

Working with Station Solo hardware

Using payment interfaces

The display includes an EMV chip card reader and MSR reader. Merchants and their employees use these interfaces to complete customer payments.

Working with cameras

Station Solo includes one merchant-facing camera:



Merchant-facing camera


To capture an image with a camera, use the Android MediaStore.ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE intent.


Intent intent = new Intent(MediaStore.ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE);
intent.putExtra("android.intent.extra.CAMERA_ID", CAMERA_ID_MERCHANT_FACING);

Scanning barcodes

You can use the merchant-facing camera to scan barcodes.

The device displays a scanner preview window while scanning a barcode.

BarcodeScanner barcodeScanner = new BarcodeScanner(context);
List<Integer> available = barcodeScanner.getAvailable();
Bundle extras = new Bundle();
if (available.contains(BarcodeScanner.BARCODE_SCANNER_FACING_MERCHANT)) {

Working with printers

The Station Solo bundle includes an external USB-connected printer without a display screen.


Working with microphones

Both the customer-facing terminal and merchant-facing display have microphones. By default, the merchant-facing display is used for all audio input functionality by setting the Android AudioSource.MIC value.

MediaRecorder recorder = new MediaRecorder();

Building with the Platform2 class

The Platform2 class in the Clover Android SDK enables you to discover Clover-specific device features and capabilities. You should use Platform2 or the standard Android functions to discover device features. Do not hardcode application behavior based on correlated characteristics such as Android API level or device model name.

For example, if a Clover device supports the system feature FEATURE_TELEPHONY, it supports mobile data.

boolean mobileData = context.getPackageManager().hasSystemFeature(PackageManager.FEATURE_TELEPHONY);



The Platform class in the Clover Android SDK is deprecated. You may need to rebuild your app with the latest Clover Android SDK to get all Platform2 functionality necessary to develop apps on Station Solo.



Station Solo is our first device intended solely for merchant use and should not be used by customers for tipping, signing, and so on.

Station Solo activity lifecycle

Android activities appearing on the merchant-facing display work normally as described by the Android activity documentation.

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